November invites you to musical relaxation

November in Lviv

Do you hear like November is inviting for a dance? An autumn waltz accompanied by the best music, isn’t that attractive?

06.11 and 18.11 – Verdi – gala. Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet

13.11 and 19.11 – Mozart – gala. Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet

15.11 – DakhaBrakha. Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet

17.11 – Empire Angel. Malevich Concert Arena

22.11 – Metallica with symphony orchestra. Tribute Show. Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet

25.11 – Fox Mykyta. Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet

27.11 – Artem Pivovarov. Malevich Concert Arena

Let's meet the autumn equator together!

The best way to cheer up is to have a good time in Lviv!

1-3.10 – Street Food So Good (Bohdan khmelnytsky central culture and recreation park)

1-8.10 – International theatrical festival “Golden Lion – 2021”

4.10 – Pianoбой with the program “The Best” at the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre

5.10 – LVIV GALA CONCERT (Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre)

7-9.10 – IT ARENA 2021 (Arena Lviv Stadium)

8-10.10 – Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival #1 (!FESTrepublic)

15.10 – Symphonic Depeche Mode (MALEVICH: concert arena & night club)

15-16.10 – The Hardkiss. Alive and not iron (MALEVICH: concert arena & night club)

18.10 – “Tango on pointe” and Gala Concert (Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre)

19-21.10 – Lviv TourEXPO 2021 (Potocki Palace)

22-24.10 – Cheese and Wine Festival (Potocki Palace)

25.10 – Adriano Celentano Tribute Show (Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater)

Listen – August is coming with interesting events

Listen – August is coming with interesting events. Summer promises to be interesting and impressive in Lviv. Choose what you like:

1.08 – circus on the water “Waterland. Secrets of Atlantis “(Lviv State Circus)

1.08 – concert “Victor Pavlik and the band Pavlik OverDrive” (Ennio Event Square)

6.08 – performance “Aqua Show Elements” (Lviv State Circus)

7.08 – HAS concert (Otaman Beach Club)

10.08 – Adriano Celentano Tribute Show (Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater)

13.08 – concert “Jazz Michael Jackson” (Metropolitan Gardens)

14.08 – concert “Classics in the Garden” (Metropolitan Gardens)

15.08 – concert in the garden “Alexander Bozhik” (Metropolitan Gardens)

17.08 – concert “To Kuzma’s birthday. Places of happy people “(Metropolitan Gardens)

20.08 – summer concert “MGZAVREBI” (Ennio Event Square)

21.08 – concert “12 Tenors. Grand tenors show »(Metropolitan Gardens)

22.08 – concert “Hammali and Navai” (ARENA FUN PARK)

22.08 – stand-up “Taras Stadnytsky. 36.6 “(Dovzhenko Center)

23.08 – play “Sweet Darussa” (National Ukrainian Drama Theater named after Maria Zankovetskaya)

24.08 – concert “Masters of sound. Lords of the Sound. Hits of the Ukrainian stage “(Metropolitan Gardens (Garden of St. George’s Cathedral)